an australian acoustic duo drawing inspiration from folk & folk rock with some blues influences thrown in
from Melbourne, Australia


Keynes Brothers have a gig on Sunday 24th September - click here for details

Our current EP "blue worlds turning" was released on all major streaming services on Friday January 27.

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About Us

The Keynes Brothers are John Fraser (vocals/guitar) and Rowan Cole (mandolin/guitar/vocals). We’re an Australian acoustic duo drawing inspiration from folk and folk rock, with some blues influence thrown in.  The name was inspired partly by John Maynard Keynes, as we like discarded economic theories, and the Munro brothers because we like bluegrass music. Otherwise we’re not actual brothers, only brothers in time.

Our repertoire is mainly originals with some carefully chosen covers. Our lyrics centre on modern life covering topics from social commentary to love and humour.  We try to tell stories in a musically interesting way. Sometimes they are semi-autobiographical and sometimes they’re about events outside our lives.  Or they’re about nothing much at all except what people see

We will slowly add songs as we record them but this is happening on a typical musician’s budget. For now these songs are it. Come from time to time and there might be more.


Old To New - October 2021

Easy To Say - Drunken Poet - November 2019


January 2023 - Studio recorded music

September 2020 - Studio recorded music

All Keynes Brothers originals & all available on Bandcamp.

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